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Engraftment Granulocyte Follow-Up

Test Information

Test Name: Engraftment Granulocyte Follow-Up

Performing Lab: Molecular Diagnostic

Synonyms: Chimerism Granulocyte Follow-Up
Engr Gran

Order Includes: Chimerism Granulocyte Follow-Up
Engr Gran

Turnaround Time: 10 days

Additional Interpretation: Chimerism following bone marrow engraftment is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the bone marrow transplant population. Peripheral blood cells arising from the recipient as well as the donor appear in the peripheral circulation. Granulocyte chimerism monitoring post bone marrow transplantation provides a tool in early prediction of recurrence of the malignant condition.

Methodology: The Granulocyte fraction is isolated using Whole Blood CD15+ Microbeads in the Miltenyi Biotec AutoMACS Pro Separator. The extracted DNA from the Granulocyte fraction is amplified with the 16-locus Human STR panel (Promega PowerPlex 16 HS) and the PCR products are characterized by capillary electrophoresis. The allele profile is then compared to the original profile from donor and recipient for informative alleles. Results for engraftment monitoring of single donor transplant are reported as percentage of donor granulocytes cells in the post-transplant sample and calculated from the peak area for each marker in the sample. For a double donor transplant, the identity and the percentage of each donor granulocyte cells are reported as well as the total percentage of donor cells.

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CPT Code: 81268



Result Information

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Specimen & Collection Information

Specimen Name: Whole Blood

Container Type: Pink Top (EDTA)

Special Handling: Refrigerate

Specimen Volume: 4.0 mL of whole blood (pink top collection tube).

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Specimen Transportation & Storage Information

Storage and Transport:Blood:
Deliver to the lab immediately. Remote Locations : Blood:
Do not spin. Store refrigerated at 2°C to 8°C.