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BCR/ABL Major Quant

Test Information

Test Name: BCR/ABL Major Quant

Performing Lab: Molecular Diagnostic

Synonyms: BCR/ABL by RT-PCR Quantitative
CML by RT-PCR Quantitative
CML t 9;22 trans
Major t922
Philadelphia Chrom
Philadelphia Chromosome by RT-PCR
t(9;22) Major by PCR

Order Includes: t (9;22) Translocation
t (9;22) PCR Titer

Turnaround Time: 14 days

Additional Interpretation: Used to confirm suspected diagnosis of CML, and monitoring minimal residual disease after bone marrow transplant and Gleevec® treatment, by detection of the the M-bcr, P210 specific transcript.
The abl gene is normally located on human chromosome 9. The bcr gene is normally on chromosome 22. A translocated chromosome, t(9
22), called the Philadelphia chromosome, occurs in more than 90% of cases of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). The translocation also occurs at a lower rate in acute myelogenous leukemia, and acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Inadequate quantity or quality of the specimen can result in amplification failure. Ten percent of CML cases express RNA transcripts of the 9
22 translocation that cannot be detected by this specific assay (the m-bcr, P190 specific transcript, and the µ-bcr, P230 specific transcript are not detected).

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Methodology: This assay is designed to detect the RNA product of the t(9
22) translocation. Reverse transcription and amplification of RNA are performed in a single tube reaction. Reverse transcriptase makes DNA copies of the RNA. The DNA copies are amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Primer pairs specific for the translocated bcr-Abl gene in one reaction, and for the normal bcr gene in a separate reaction are used in the amplification. Fluorescently labeled probes specific for the translocated bcr-Abl gene product and for the normal bcr gene product are hydrolyzed during amplification and quantified.

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CPT Code: 81206



Result Information

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Specimen & Collection Information

Specimen Name: Whole Blood
Bone Marrow

Container Type: Lavender Top (EDTA)

Special Handling: Room Temperature

Specimen Volume: (Whole Blood) Lavender Top: 2.0 mL (Bone Marrow) Lavender Top: 0.5 mL

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Specimen Transportation & Storage Information

Storage and Transport:Blood and Bone Marrow:
Deliver to the lab immediately for processing. Keep at room temperature. Remote Locations : Blood and Bone Marrow:
Deliver to the lab immediately for processing. Do not spin. Keep at room temperature.