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Test NamePerforming Laboratory
Absolute Eosinophil CountHematology
Bone Marrow ExamHematology
CD 3 / CD 4 / CD 8 PanelHematology
Cell Counts (RBC, WBC) with Differential, CSFHematology
Cell Counts(RBC,WBC) with Differential, Body FluidHematology
Cell Counts(RBC,WBC) with Differential, Body Fluid, StatHematology
Cell Counts(RBC,WBC) with Differential, CSF, StatHematology
Cell Counts(RBC,WBC), Body FluidHematology
Cell Counts(RBC,WBC), Body Fluid, StatHematology
Cell Counts(RBC,WBC), CSFHematology
Cell Counts(RBC,WBC), CSF, StatHematology
Complete Blood CountHematology
Complete Blood Count Tr LabHematology
Complete Blood Count with 5-Part Automated DifferentialHematology
Complete Blood Count with Automated 5-Part DifferentialHematology
Complete Blood Count, StatHematology
Crystal Identification, Body FluidHematology
Crystal Identification, Body Fluid, StatHematology
Differential Count, Peripheral Blood SmearHematology
Differential Count, Peripheral Blood Smear Tr LabHematology
Differential Count, Peripheral Blood Smear, StatHematology
Eosinophil Smear, Specimen IndexHematology
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)Hematology
Hematocrit Tr LabHematology
Hematocrit, Body Fluid(PCV)Hematology
Hematocrit, CSFHematology
Hematocrit, StatHematology
Hemoglobin Tr LabHematology
Hemoglobin, StatHematology
Immature Platelet FractionHematology
Leukemia PanelHematology
Lymphocyte Enumeration Panel (CD 3/4/8/19/56)Hematology
Lymphocytosis PanelHematology
MCC11561 PanelHematology
Microhematocrit, CapillaryHematology
Platelet CountHematology
Platelet Count (BG)Hematology
Platelet Count Tr LabHematology
Platelet Count, StatHematology
Progenitor T Cells (CD 3 / 34) PanelHematology
Reticulocyte CountHematology
Sezary PrepHematology
Sickle Cell Screen by Diothionate Reduction Tube TestHematology
Specific Gravity, Body FluidHematology
White Blood Cell CountHematology
White Blood Count Tr LabHematology